Tips of the Month

Locate and identify where your circuit breakers are. This goes for the GFCI’s in the house also.


I know, what is at GFCI?  It stands for Ground Fault Current Interuptor and is the little button inside your house and in your garage that many times will trip.  These are safety items installed by your builder to keep the house and you safe.  If you know where these are located you can help your Beach Electric service provider when he or she comes to the house.

If at all possible have your circuit breakers marked so you know which breaker goes to each section of the house, which breaker covers the kitchen, which covers the swimming pool etc.  Do you something extra installed in the house that is an additional power draw that you should know about? That way, you can tell your Beach Electric service provider about it when he or she is working on your system.

A little preparation will save time and money in the end.

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