Mark Schottmuller

Mark Schottmuller - Co-Owner

Mark has been with Beach Electric since its inception, which was 5 years ago. Mark has been on several very large projects such as JIM MARSH AUTO and TARGET CENTER. He has also been involved in the creative world of TIB's (Tenant Improvements and Betterments). When you work in the world of TIB's you need to be creative and solve your clients problems. This talent translates to the service world also. Knowledge of the business and understanding as many possible problems as possible is truly important in the service industry. Homeowners for the most part do not know what is wrong with the electricity in their house and Mark is excellent at finding and fixing problems

John Kinsey

John Kinsey - Co-Owner

John is the co-owner of Beach Electric for approximately 5 years. With the change in the economy and the virtual shutdown of the construction industry John has focused all his energy to building Beach Electric into the number one service company in Las Vegas. John has both extensive business and electrical knowledge which allows him to be the "go to guy" for all of the employees of Beach. John's personal reputation in the Las Vegas Community for service is exceptional and we believe all will find their Beach Electric service experience to be exceptional

Dani Guitierrez

Dani Guitierrez - Office Manager

Dani has been with all of the above companies for 5 years. She has been involved with Beach Electric in the Office Manager "traffic cop" position, which mean a lions share of the ordering is run through Dani. All of the financial tracking for jobs all of the billing falls on Dani's shoulders. Dani is an integral part of the Beach Electric family.