Tips of the Month

Keep all electrical cords out of water.


Now this month’s tip may seem like a piece of knowledge we shouldn’t have to mention to the general public BUT.... again, things happen and fires are started and lives are endangered.

You garage is a major offender in this seemingly obvious statement.  What do you have near your water heater?  Do you have an electrical cord laying there charging something? What if the water heater should burst causing water to run all over the garage floor and your electrical cord?

Suppose you are charging something in the garage and you have water come in under the garage door during one of our sporadic rainstorms in Southern Nevada?  

Perhaps you are working on something in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and you have a drill or a power saw plugged in. Suppose you drag the connection through water?

These unsafe scenarios seem obvious, but happen. Please be careful.

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