Tips of the Month

For our Business Owners and responsible staff we would remind you to check the batteries in you EXIT lights in the office.


More than once in our business career have we been called to an office by one of our business friends saying, John, we lost power and the Emergency Exit lights don’t work, can you come help us?  Needless to say, this is important to the person with no lights so in most cases we have gotten a repairperson to the client’s company as soon as possible.  

These phone calls can be avoided if you will check the batteries in your Emergency Exit lights at the same time you check the batteries in you home smoke detectors.  This is not a major project and should be done as a safety precaution in case there is a true emergency at your company. Please don’t let someone be seriously injured or worse because they can’t find their way out of the office and/or building because your Emergency Exit lights don’t work.

Please make this a priority for you and the company.

Call Beach Electric with any and all electrical problems you have. 736-1437