Tips of the Month

Do not overload your household plugs and/or plug strips.


The electrical system in your house was not designed to have you run twelve (12) appliances off of the two plug in receptacles in any one part of your house.  The standard plug in strip has six (6) outlets and the standard plug has two receptacles, which is how we come up with twelve (12) appliances on two (2) plugs.

As we have mentioned in previous months you should unplug as many appliances as possible when they are not in use to say on your power bill and save energy overall.  However, if you are using plug in strips, safety is another reason to unplug many of the appliances or items you have plugged into a power strip.

The GFI in your house and the standard breaker are meant to trip when there is an overload on your system, but as with anything else in life sometimes things fail to do their job.  Please do not overload your electrical system, it is a sure way to start a FIRE.

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